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Lance was a cargo pilot who only got into the fighter class because Keith, the top student, dropped out and opened up a slot, which Iverson confirmed at the very beginning. Obvi you got some angst in there, but this is mostly Latte fluffy bday shizzle. I think the main problem with season 7 is that there were too many things crammed into not enough time, that the things that make Voltron so loved was passed over. There has only been Keith being harassed by a gaslighting bully seeking attention.

Like Deku worships him. That would be like a bible for Deku cuz All Might is literally God in his eyes ya know.

Tumblr npmutsbnfy tfkuabo stunning! Would love

Honestly this really bugged me.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He really deserves that type of family love.

Hey i just saw your post day 1: Maybe you wanted more fun!

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