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titanium clad copper Square Bar rod
  【Name 】: titanium clad copper Square Bar rod
【Type 】:Ti Cu clad bar
【MOQ 】:50kg
【Packaging 】:wooden case
【Place of Origin】:china
【Size 】:Flat Bars-Length(<=7000mm)*Width(10mm-150mm)*Thick
【 Brand Name 】:Fitow
titanium clad copper rod
Ti +Cu ,Ti+Steel,Ti +AL,Ti+Ni
Application:electron ,plating, petrol-chemical

Titanium clad copper bar

Titanium clad copper Stainless Steel Clad Copper

Composite materials:Ti-Cu,Ti-Steel,Ti-Al,Ti-Ni etc

Titanium layer:0.5~3.2mm

Technology: metallurgical bonding by explosive rolled

Size: We can provide a variety of custom shapes and sizes.

Types available: Ti-Cu/steel bar/plate/tube/block etc

Product Form: Square, Round, Rectangle, Drum

-Specification : Round Bar-DN (5mm-150mm)*Thickness(0.5mm-3mm)
            Square Bar-Side(5mm-40mm)*Side(5mm-40mm)           
            Rectangle Bar-Length(<=7000mm)*Width(10mm-150mm)*Thickness (6mm-40mm)
            Flat Bars-Length(<=7000mm)*Width(10mm-150mm)*Thickness(6mm-40mm)
            Drum Bars-DN(25mm-40mm)*Width of the Drumhead(<=20mm)
-Base Material : Copper, Aluminium
-Clad Material : Titanium, Zirconium, Stainless steel
-The Thickness of the clad layer : 0.5mm-3mm
-Tensile strength :135Mpa
-Shearing strength : 180Mpa-260Mpa

Application: Electrolysis, Plating, Hydrometallurgy,Oil and Chemcial indurty, etc

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