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Microporous titanium aeration
  【Name 】: Microporous titanium aeration
【Type 】:titanium aeration
【MOQ 】:10pcs
【Packaging 】:wooden case
【Place of Origin】:china
【Size 】:50-400MM
【 Brand Name 】:fiotw

Note: purification efficiency, high temperature acid corrosion.

 Microporous aeration head to commercially pure titanium powder (purity  99.9999%) as main raw materials, by high temperature vacuum sintering.

Uniformity of its structure, porosity of 25-50%, the filtration resistance, separation, purification efficiency, good mechanical properties, tube, plate two kinds of mushroom head diameter of 100-400 mm, thickness 3 mm,

aeration bubbles 0.1-2mm, and aeration resistance is small, long service life. Micropore aerator is the latest model developed by our company aerators, aeration bubble diameter of the device, the gas-liquid interfacial area, bubble spread evenly, does not produce holes to plug, strong resistance to corrosion by many users for many years with favorable results, 40% lower than conventional aeration energy consumption, increasing the volume of sewage treated nearly doubled. Particularly suitable for urban sewage, new expansion of large-scale water plant and the old aeration tank transformation

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