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DIN 6921 gr5 Titanium hexagon flange bolt
  【Name 】: DIN 6921 gr5 Titanium hexagon flange bolt
【Type 】:Titanium hexagon flange bolt
【MOQ 】:100pcs
【Packaging 】:wooden case
【Place of Origin】:Baoji
【Size 】:dia2-64MM
【 Brand Name 】:Fitow

Gr5 Titanium Hex Flange Bolts

Product name:    industry titanium hex head flange washer bolts DIN6921          

Advantage:       high strength and corrosion resistant bolts

Application:       motorcycle, bicycle ,car,

                           chemical equipment manufacture,Oil equipment,

                           ship building titanium flange head bolts for industry.etc 

Material:         Ti Gr1,Gr2Gr5

Standards:       DIN6921,DIN6922,ANSI B18.2.3.4M     

Specification:    M3~M36 No.6~2"UNC UNF

Length:           5mm~300mm

Technique:          CNC automatic turning machines

                           CNC milling machines,

                           punch press machines,

                           CNC screw-thread rolling machines,

                           argon arc welding equipments.                  

Colour:  titanium nature colour,golden,purple,pink,blue,,black,etc.  nitrogen treatment or anodic oxidation for different colour

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