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Domeless Titanium nail color Carb Cap 18mm Male
  【Name 】: Domeless Titanium nail color Carb Cap 18mm Male
【Type 】:Domeless Titanium nail color Carb Cap
【MOQ 】:100pcs
【Packaging 】:carton
【Place of Origin】:baoji
【Size 】:18mm
【 Brand Name 】:Fitow

Domeless Titanium nail color Carb Cap 18mm Male & Female For Glass water pipe

   Product Description  


Product Name

Gr2  Domeless Titanium Carb Cap for dabble moking


Grade 2

Fit to

Will fit 8mm, 14mm,15mm,16mm,17mm and 18mm male or female pieces


Over 100 kinds and accept customize types.

Fnish Quality



Excellent cleaner Experience and Long life time


For smoking

Machining Methods

CNC machining,Milling and Rolling Threads,etc

What is your quality assurance? 

A. 100% titanium sponge to produce titanium ingot and 3 times melting to ensure the uniformity of chemical composition.

B. For chemical composition inspection,not only inspect the titanium ingot,but also the semi finished products and finished products.Just to ensure 100% qualified products before shipping.

C. Strict Process control as per technological requirements.Each person monitor each process and record all data of production.

D. Strict Quality Tracing Mechanism.


 How is your price and delivery time?  

A. Based on the best quality,we will offer our best prices.

B. We are manufacturer,so we have price advantage.

C. 1 day delivery time for ready stock samples,but not longer than 5 days for sample produce.

    10 to 15 days delivery time for batch order.

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